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Free Tarot with Ancient Occult Tarot Cards

Free tarot with 5 of the oldest and most revered decks in the history of tarot. The timeline represented by the array of these ancient cards goes from the earliest surviving trionfi decks up until the cards were adapted into a system and studied by occultists and alchemists, presumably during the 1800s. The Oswald Wirth deck is an interesting occult tarot deck limited to only Major Arcana cards. The Rider Waite deck boasts the most well known cards in all of tarot. The Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley, which is now often referred to as the Crowley Thoth, needs no introduction due to its infamous author. Tarot authors who composed their decks sometimes overshadow the actual artists who illustrated their concepts in a type of alchemical marriage. Read about our spreads at

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The Ancient Tarot Cards

Crowley-ThothRider-WaiteOswald WirthTarot de MarseillesVisconti-Sforza
Crowley-ThothRider-WaiteOswald WirthTarot de MarseillesVisconti-Sforza




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