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About Occult Tarot

Occult Tarot provides free tarot reading using five old occult and otherwise ancient tarot decks.

Tarot can essentially be seen as a mystical game that allows the player to tap into higher consciousness using cards which symbolise various aspects of what humanity has come to understand about its place in the world. The tarot cards can help a person uncover hidden aspects of their life so that troublesome areas may be addressed consciously.

Tarot is an ancient technology that is said to have predated the existence of cards themselves. These cards have empowered marginalised viewpoints by giving occultists canvases on which they can paint their own worlds. World creation is based on social justice, in the sense that each world has its own idea of what is right. Also, tarot acts as a conduit to disseminate ancient wisdom to those who are open to receive it. Ancestral symbolism in the cards serves to educate the tarot learner both directly and through the activation of the symbols, as happens during readings and other uses of the tarot cards.

Rider and Thoth Traditions

Rider and Thoth are the most used decks on this site (and elsewhere). The distinct differences in these deck structures make the methods of reading very different.

Since the Book of Thoth was not intended to be used with reversals, that option has not been made available for this deck. In Thoth tarot reading, the cards’ elemental dignities depend upon adjacent cards. Cards of the same energy strengthen their neighbours. Cards of opposite energies such as cups and wands cause ill-dignification. Suits that are not directly the same or opposite do not affect elemental dignity.

This method of reading takes some getting used to, comparable to learning to drive a vehicle with manual transmission. Some consider reading with the Book of Thoth better for more advanced readers or for deeper or more spiritual questions. Cards that are not opposites are considered friendly. Cards of the same suit strengthen their neighbours. The Golden Dawn method is the spread that relies most strongly on dignification.

Since the Rider-Waite-Smith does use reversals, dignification is essentially automatic with this deck. The RWS not only made the use of reversals commonplace among modern tarot readers, but also replaced traditional pip cards with depictions of scenarios. Reading with the RWS is much more blunt than decks such as Thoth, making it much easier for beginners to interpret.

Of course, the general rule of tarot is that everyone should do it their own way. Seeking leads to finding. A person should always follow their intuition, and learn at their own pace. Read your tarot free any time here.